About SIDS

This page is to bring you information about SIDS an how it effets the baby and also what ages it can effect. I will write what I learned about SIDS and I will also post links to sites with more information than I alone can give you about it. As you all have read the about Grayson page you all know I am a parent that lost a child to SIDS it isn't easy losing a child at all as us as parents are supposed to die before our kids but there are people out there that can help you cope.It has been almost 5 years since Grayson passed away and I am still having a hard time with it as I tried to deal with everthing by myself. But anyway back on the subject when Grayson passed away i got a call from the corner after she did the autopsy when I answered the phone she told me she couldn't find a reason he would be dead she then asked me if she could keep his brainstem to run some tests on it as they think there is something wrong there that causes our babies to stop breathing since then I have been doing a lot of research on SIDS to try to help other grieving parents understand what actually hapened to their baby. I know SIDS only happens once in a family but other than that I can't really be sure I know no matter how many times I hear that I am still scared that it could happen again. I will keep updating this site with links for information and also links to someone that could help you cope as well.