About Grayson

To start off I started going into labor on July 2nd 2014 and continued till July 3rd 2014 before Grayson decided to make his appearance in this world my mom was at the hospital with me he was her first grandchild she got to be there for the birth for I had made a promise to her before he was born that i would go all natural and every time I would cry for the epidural she would tell me no and today I am glad she did tell me no.I was 36 weeks along when he was born. Grayson was born July 3rd 2014 weighing 6lbs 4oz and 19in long. When he was born we had to stay in the hospital till July 7th 2014 due to him having jaundice. If I would have gotten the epidural I wouldn't have had any other major memories of him. When I finally got to take Grayson home from the hospital his big brother was excited to get to see him and hold him. James was such a good big brother always helping me out with Grayson whenever he could when it was time for Grayson to go on his belly James was right there cause he would cry so James would rub his head and tell him "it's ok baby brother is right here" Grayson was always a happy baby slept almost all day long and all night long he rarely cried he loved his bath time and always loved going to Nana and Papa's house to visit them Papa had his own thing he did with Grayson it is known as the wiggles now He would always make himself limp when Papa would hold him just so Papa would do his wiggles with him. All this went on for two months. Well in September Grayson's dad came back into the picture after going away to Michigan well before he was born. Two weeks after his dad came back I was supposed to get my foodstamps on my card at midnight on the 10th and was going to take Grayson up to see his dad well they never showed and Grayson was very playful that night and refused to go to sleep till 1:00 am on september 10th 2014 I ended up taking him home after playing with Nana and myself and put him to bed at 5:00 am on September 10th he woke up to get fed he went back to sleep after eating and I finally went to bed around 5:30 that morning he woke up a little fussy I gave him his passy and he went right back to sleep around 10:20 that morning I woke up to the worst thing I could ever imagine my little boy was blue in the face and cold I tried to do rescue breathing and blood came out his nose I knew right then and there he was gone. I grabbed him and wrapped him in a blacket and grabbed James and ran straight to my moms pounded on the door and told them he was gone my dad went and woke my mom up and she tried to do rescue breathing as well my dad called 911 and the ambulance and cops came out the ambulance took Grayson to the hospital and I stayed and talked to the cops. Finally I got to go to the hospital just to get told by the doctor that they got him back and he finally went at 11:02 that morning. It took several days and dealing with cops and the funeral home before the cornor called and told me that it was SIDS that took my little boy. To this day it is still hard for me to talk about it but it is getting a little easier as each day passes I know Grayson is in a better place and thats what keeps me going but before I had pics and videos to help me cope and now all those are gone the sdcard I had them on got fried and it killed me all over again. I really suggest if you have ever lost a kid it don't matter how you lost them please talk to someone don't hold it in it makes matters worse when you try to cope by yourself